DirectPay Adds Multi Language Feature

Being able to sell your product in your customer’s own native language is not just beautiful.   It’s inspiring & telling your customer that you care about them.

We also noticed a BOOST in our CONVERSION when we allowed customers to change the language of their checkout pages.

That set us out to build Multi-Language feature for your CheckOut Pages.

Most carts do not offer this feature, & if they do,  they are using google translator to create a translation which is always a bad idea.


For example.  Help Desk ,   If you translate this into arabic, hindi or nepali via online translators, the translation will come out to be literally “Help and Sitting Desk”.

We wanted to do something different…  So we called our friends and some we hired to provide us with a better local translation.

Now,  You can select a DEFAULT language for your checkout pages
directly from your Checkout Page tab under Edit Products.



This will translate your checkout page into the language you select.

Your Customer can also change the language anytime from
the checkout pages as well.

We plan to Add more languages in coming weeks.

Three Ways To Guarantee A Checkout Page Conversion

Checkout page is where Customers go to Enter their personal Information
& Enter their Credit Card Information & It’s CRUCIAL that you don’t make any mistakes at this point.

#1.  Have a REFUND period.    Customers know that they can ANYTIME call their
credit card company for chargeback or Open a dispute if they do not receive what they paid for.   Having a Refund offer makes your LIFE easier.

(a) Less Chargebacks,  If someone doesn’t like something, they will contact you
to get a refund & We all know how expensive chargebacks can get.

(b) You take the RISK.  You are telling your customer that, if something doesn’t go right,  you are the one who is taking the RISK,  not them.

(c) Makes you more reputable & Shows that you BELIEVE in your product.

DirectPay,  Makes it VERY easy to create a Refund period, All you have to do is ENTER the NUMBER of days they have to try out the product on CHECKOUT page.


2.  Benefit & What You will get Snapshot.     Give customers a list of things that they will get, so they don’t have to go back to sales page.

DirectPay , Makes it VERY easy for you add it with few clicks.

3.  HelpDesk & Contact Information –    Many vendors do not put their contact information on their checkout page,  which is pretty much losing them sales.

With DirectPay,  It will AUTOMATICALLY grab your Support URL from your Profit Settings OR if you have a specific one,  it will grab it from your product settings.

It also has a way for customers to INSTANTLY email you as well.

Two Guaranteed Ways To Get Rid Of Buyer’s Remorse

Making customers love you & keeping them happy is not difficult as many people make.    When a customer buys a product from you,  Somewhere deep inside,  they may be feeling “buyers remorse” the second after they click complete checkout.

How do we combat that?   TWO SIMPLE WAYS.

#1.  Thank Them Via SMS.    Use DirectPay’s SMS notification to send
them a THANK YOU note with their name on it.



#2.  Unannounced “BONUS” .  This doesn’t always mean give them something extra like other software or another ebook.   It might simply mean,  to deliver your product faster than you promised.

For example.  If you promised them their Shoes in mail within 1 week,  You might want to over night it,  so they are surprised by the SPEED of delivery.

If selling Digital Product,  Might be a good idea to give them a slight upgrade for free or offer them limited access to your ANOTHER product.

You might as well UPGRADE them to PREMIUM support if they are first time buyer, All you have to do is,  create a separate ticketing platform & call it Premium support.  Your same staff run it,  but it has that perceived value.

Reactive Existing Customer

Getting new customers is all fun & exciting (  & expensive ), but a lot of vendors forget to reactivate their existing customers.

Getting new customer is a lot much more time consuming & expensive & if you can learn to reactivate your existing customer,  you will be far better off.

This doesn’t mean you should stop finding new customers.   Finding a new customer, new leads is IMPORTANT.  Keep it pumping but also focus on existing customer.

Reactivating existing customer simply means cross-selling or upselling to your existing customers.

In order to make sure that your reactivation goes smooth, you have to
make sure that your existing customer is happy with their initial purchase.

Use Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as a guide for reactivation.     CLV is basically the total amount customer has spent with your company & allows you to determine the future worth of the client.

CLV tells you what group of your customer is responsible for X% of revenue & you will notice that your 10-20% of the customer base is usually responsible for 50-70% of the revenue of your company.

So simply try to reactivate a group of clients that have the most impact on your revenue.    DirectPay has made it really easy to determine  CLV value.

Under REPORT > Customer,  you will see CLV listed right beside customer’s name.


1-Click Upsell Increases Revenue

Upselling is a sales technique where a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

There are TWO types of upsells :
Typical Upsells ,  Where a customer is redirected to another sales page, with
an offer right after the front end sale.

While DirectPay does have this feature & These upsells WILL help you bring in more revenue,  we have noticed that there is a trend of few things.

1.  Adding too many of these will frustrate buyer and they might cancel the entire order, causing unnecessary refunds.

2. It leaves buyer with a  “bad taste” after they have made your front end purchase.

Image 1-  Typical Upsell Function.

And There is 1 Click Upsells,   These upsells are on the FRONT END checkout page, giving buyers an opportunity to upgrade or add something extra.

While Typical upsell, does have its pros,we have seen that 1 -Click Upsells seem to convert better than the typical upsells.

Image 2-  1 Click Upsells


Possible Usage of 1-Click Upsells:

  1.   Upgrade to a PRO version
  2.   Sell a DVD copy  as upgrade on top of video course
  3.   Offer premium support
  4.   Addons


We wanted to make setting up 1-Click Upsells, as easy as possible.  Since its a part of a checkout page,  we decided to add it under “Checkout Page” tab inside DirectPay.

Components of 1-Click Upsells Include:

1. Title :  This is a title,  but i like to think of it as a CTA, Call To Action , text because essentially, it is.

Upgrade To Pro Version For Just $45 Dollars 
Add DVD to My Purchase Order ( $50 )

2. Description :  This should be QUICK information on what the customer will
receive for upgrading or buying the addon.

—  Internal Component

Price:  This will let DirectPay know How much to charge.
4. Access Information:    You will enter how they can upgrade or
their upgrade download information here.

We made Setting up 1-Click Upsells with DirectPay Very Easy ,  Here
is a quick video that guides you: