DirectPay Adds Multi Language Feature

Being able to sell your product in your customer’s own native language is not just beautiful.   It’s inspiring & telling your customer that you care about them.

We also noticed a BOOST in our CONVERSION when we allowed customers to change the language of their checkout pages.

That set us out to build Multi-Language feature for your CheckOut Pages.

Most carts do not offer this feature, & if they do,  they are using google translator to create a translation which is always a bad idea.


For example.  Help Desk ,   If you translate this into arabic, hindi or nepali via online translators, the translation will come out to be literally “Help and Sitting Desk”.

We wanted to do something different…  So we called our friends and some we hired to provide us with a better local translation.

Now,  You can select a DEFAULT language for your checkout pages
directly from your Checkout Page tab under Edit Products.



This will translate your checkout page into the language you select.

Your Customer can also change the language anytime from
the checkout pages as well.

We plan to Add more languages in coming weeks.

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