Two Guaranteed Ways To Get Rid Of Buyer’s Remorse

Making customers love you & keeping them happy is not difficult as many people make.    When a customer buys a product from you,  Somewhere deep inside,  they may be feeling “buyers remorse” the second after they click complete checkout.

How do we combat that?   TWO SIMPLE WAYS.

#1.  Thank Them Via SMS.    Use DirectPay’s SMS notification to send
them a THANK YOU note with their name on it.



#2.  Unannounced “BONUS” .  This doesn’t always mean give them something extra like other software or another ebook.   It might simply mean,  to deliver your product faster than you promised.

For example.  If you promised them their Shoes in mail within 1 week,  You might want to over night it,  so they are surprised by the SPEED of delivery.

If selling Digital Product,  Might be a good idea to give them a slight upgrade for free or offer them limited access to your ANOTHER product.

You might as well UPGRADE them to PREMIUM support if they are first time buyer, All you have to do is,  create a separate ticketing platform & call it Premium support.  Your same staff run it,  but it has that perceived value.

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