1-Click Upsell Increases Revenue

Upselling is a sales technique where a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

There are TWO types of upsells :
Typical Upsells ,  Where a customer is redirected to another sales page, with
an offer right after the front end sale.

While DirectPay does have this feature & These upsells WILL help you bring in more revenue,  we have noticed that there is a trend of few things.

1.  Adding too many of these will frustrate buyer and they might cancel the entire order, causing unnecessary refunds.

2. It leaves buyer with a  “bad taste” after they have made your front end purchase.

Image 1-  Typical Upsell Function.

And There is 1 Click Upsells,   These upsells are on the FRONT END checkout page, giving buyers an opportunity to upgrade or add something extra.

While Typical upsell, does have its pros,we have seen that 1 -Click Upsells seem to convert better than the typical upsells.

Image 2-  1 Click Upsells


Possible Usage of 1-Click Upsells:

  1.   Upgrade to a PRO version
  2.   Sell a DVD copy  as upgrade on top of video course
  3.   Offer premium support
  4.   Addons


We wanted to make setting up 1-Click Upsells, as easy as possible.  Since its a part of a checkout page,  we decided to add it under “Checkout Page” tab inside DirectPay.

Components of 1-Click Upsells Include:

1. Title :  This is a title,  but i like to think of it as a CTA, Call To Action , text because essentially, it is.

Upgrade To Pro Version For Just $45 Dollars 
Add DVD to My Purchase Order ( $50 )

2. Description :  This should be QUICK information on what the customer will
receive for upgrading or buying the addon.

—  Internal Component

Price:  This will let DirectPay know How much to charge.
4. Access Information:    You will enter how they can upgrade or
their upgrade download information here.

We made Setting up 1-Click Upsells with DirectPay Very Easy ,  Here
is a quick video that guides you:

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